Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Caterpillar's Everywhere!

Easton loves Caterpillar's! He looks for them everytime we go outside. He says he loves them and they love him too. He let's them crawl all over him and even sneaks them into the house.

His daycare class is studying bugs and I wonder if this is what has sparked his interest. Yesterday when I picked him up from school he was wearing his T-shirt they made last week. The T-shirt says "We will always Bee Friends" and has Bee's all over it with each kids name beside a Bee. It was really cute and he was so proud so I took his picture when we got home. Of course he found him a caterpillar to pose for the picture too. Actually he has a pocket full of them. He was stuffing them into his pocket as fast as he could find them. I guess I need to start checking the laundry for caterpillars before washing from now on.

I have also included some pictures from another one of Easton's ball games. One of his friends from daycare played on the other team (The Sandgnats, they are green). While running the bases, they decided they would run together hand in hand. I thought it was too cute so I posted some pics below:

I don't know what he was thinking here!

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